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Last updated 6 Jun 2024
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Men's Over 35s

2024 Registration

2024 Costs Senior Mens - $510

NB/ This is the registration costs for North Star. In addition to these costs there is a $50 volunteer levy and the Affiliation costs/Insurance to Football QLD

These are the steps below to register
  1. Open Squadi in the app or website
  2. If you do not have a Squadi profile, select Create User Profile and create a new profile. THIS MUST BE THE PARENT FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18 YEARS
  3. Log into a. Squadi APP and selct 'More' (bottom right) and 'Register Profile'
    OR b. Squadi WEBSITE and select the 'Action' button (top right) and 'Register'
  4. If new player (player is not in Squadi), select 'New Participant Registration' and register player. Otherwise select the player.
  5. Confirm/update Participant details for player, select 'Next'
  6. Select 'Find a competition', start typing 'your club name' into Organistation Name and select xxx
  7. Select the relevant competition, relevant Membership Details (usually outdoor player) and Registration Age Group (where required)
  8. Select 'Add Competition and Membership'
  9. Update Additional Personal Information and select 'Add Competition and Membership'
  10. If using a fair play voucher select 'Add Government Voucher' and enter the voucher detaiils
  11. Confirm/update your details
  12. Accept Terms and Conditions and select 'Continue'
  13. Select a payment option under Secure Payment Options, enter details requested and select 'Submit'
  14. A summary of the registration will appear, click the 'X' in the top left corner to finish.
  15. If registration was successful you will receive a confirmation email

Men's Over 35s/45s Football

Over 35s football is a fantastic way to let your hair down (if you have any) at the end of the working week, while doing a little fitness and making new friends. It's so social that even training is not compulsory!

Welcome to Over 35s Mens Football!Old man

This brand of football is for those dedicated to the social side of playing the beautiful game. Don't get us wrong, once we cross the white line there is the same drive to win as we all had 20 years ago, but these days we recognise the body is less willing.

Nevertheless North Star has played in many grand finals in the past but this is definitely despite our ability and not because of it!!

No matter your shape and size you'll be welcome to join in our Over 35s Men's teams. After all you can't be slower than Jack, or less flexible than Jason! Very few are smaller than Pan or taller than Vim!  And we're all younger than Jim.

What we are is a social team!  In other words... no matter your shape, size, creed or ability you are welcome to join North Star Over 35s Mens Football.

The Important Stuff

Training is on a Tuesday evening from 7pm, and we play in a Brisbane North social competition which is usually on Friday nights.

This is a professionally organised competition played on full size fields with paid referees controlling the game. The only rule modification is no sliding tackles for player safety, and unlimited interchange, giving us all a breather when we nee

Old man 2d it! Otherwise it's the game we all know and love. 

Fees are to be paid in full before being eligible to play in the competition.  

Fees include club membership, playing kit (returned to Club at end of season), training costs, match referee fees and competition insurance.

To qualify you must be 35 or older by Dec 31 2021.                                

So what are you waiting for?

For more information, please contact co-ordinator Vim on

Official partners of North Star Football Club