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Last updated 11 Apr 2024
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2024  Registrations

Fee  Notice

Uniform Shop Hours


The uniform shop has reopened but by team invitation. As your team commences training you will be invited to come. This will save the uniform team from being overwhelmed on any one night. By Late March we will be open to anyone on the nights indicated above as open.


FAQs - For Community Miniroo teams

What age group is my child?

Costs for community teams?

·       3-5 year olds – Little Stars program $60 for 6 week program, $90 for beginners.

Programs for U4 - U6 | North Star Football Club (

·       Under 6-7 - $350

·       Under 8-12 - $480

NB/ This is the registration costs for North Star. In addition to these costs there is a $50 volunteer levy and the Affiliation costs/Insurance to Football QLD ~$60.50

What do I get for my fees?

Included in the fees is an 18 week season –

·      1 training night, 1 game

·       4 weeks of pre season training

·       Trophy and team photo

·       Break up celebration day

There are a lot of costs to run a football club. This includes.

·       Water charges

·       Electricity – field lights, clubhouse & canteen

·       Referee fees

·       Football equipment (balls, bibs, cones, goals, corner posts,)

·       Ground works (mowing, line making, fertilising, aeration, herbicide)

·       Annual ground rehabilitation works (top soil, turf, aeration, fertiliser etc)

·       Repairs and maintenance (electrical, lighting, plumbing, car park potholes, fences, water tanks)

·       Maintenance of clubhouse facilities & office equipment

·       Football department programs, pathways and administration

·       Technical Director wages

·       Coaching wages

·       Coaching licences

·       Council rates

·       Council lease fees

·       Waste collection

Can I get a discount on my fees? – Fair Play vouchers

North Star Football club is a participating club in the Queensland Government's ‘Fair Play Voucher’ programme. Parents, carers or guardians can apply for a voucher valued up to $150 for their child to be used towards their fees. The fair play voucher program is due to open 24th January. We ask that you pay for your fees in full & once the window opens & you receive your voucher, email it to us & we will provide you with a refund.

Or, if you have the voucher before you register, Majestri, our club registration system, now allows members to upload their vouchers into the system from within their registration checkout.

 Please click here  for more details and eligibility.

Why do I need to pay a volunteer levy?

North Star FC is entirely run by volunteers. These volunteers are parents like yourself with kids at the club and full time jobs. We invite all families to volunteer. For approximately every 10 hours you volunteer you will get your $50 volunteer levy back. There is also the option to earn more than the $50 volunteer levy. The more help you can give the club the more you will be reimbursed. There are a number of roles including coaching, managers, committee roles. Please email if you would like to volunteer for a role.

Season schedule and key dates

·       Early February

Miniroo muster day. This is a come try for free day

·       February

Lots of work behind the scenes forming teams. We invite families to register through January and February to guarantee their position on a team, particularly where players are interested in playing with their friends.

·       March

From Mid March teams will be invited to start training one night a week.

·       March 22nd

Football QLD close the registration of teams for the entire 2024 season

After this point North star can only fill gaps in the teams we have nominated. Age groups can close due to availability.

·       First game of the season – Saturday April 20th

·       Last game of the season – Saturday September 7th

Training days and times

Teams train for 1 hour a week on either Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

Often the time of training will be 4.30-5.30pm.

Occasionally training will be 5-6, 5.30-6.30pm

The training day and time is determined by field availability and on the availability of the volunteer coach parent.

We invite you to consider putting your hand up being a team coach. It’s a great way to get involved and watch your child enjoy football with their team mates

Games days

Games are always played on Saturday.

Under 6 and 7 will be playing their games each week at North Star FC against other North Star teams.

Under 8-12 teams will play 50% of their games at home and 50% of their games at neighbouring clubs. This includes clubs – Virginia, Brighton, Albany creek, Grange. Occasionally teams further away including Caboolture or Brisbane city will be in your pool.

The home club indicates a preference of game times to Football QLD. North Star nominates times between 8.30am-12.30pm. Away clubs usually have the same time recommendations. Very occasionally it may be a 12.30 or 1pm game.

When will I know what team my child has been placed in?

Behind the scenes our volunteer parents will start formulating teams in February. The first communication of team and training day and time may come out in March.

Can I indicate a preference of days for training?

We are currently considering a process of parents registering a preference of day.

Can I come for a session and try out football?

We will be holding a come try day / muster day in February. Please follow us on facebook or keep checking our website for information.

Can I play with my friends?

Football is always more fun with a group of friends. We will do our very best to accommodate requests provided all the parties involves are agreeable and we have availability in our teams.

Can I play up and down age?

99% of the time players play in their age group. There are exceptions to this. When any player across the club plays outside their age group a request will be made by a club volunteer to football QLD. These will be assessed and then frequently approved.

Girls only teams

This year we will be playing a girls only team in a girls only competition in the ages Under 8, Under 9, Under 10, Under 11, Under 12, Under 13, Under 14, Under 17. We are very excited about this and would love to have you on board.

If your daughter would like to play in a mixed team they are welcome to. At the registration stage when choosing the preferred team please select the age and girls only or mixed team.

Rainy weather

Unfortunately from time to time rainy weather does cancel training. We assess the fields at approx. 3pm on rainy days and information about closures is released between 3-4pm. Each day our fields are filled with teams training. Therefore it is difficult to reschedule. There may be an option for a Friday catch up session or a school holiday catch up session.


Uniforms are not included in the registration costs. Players will be required to purchase a shirt, shorts and socks. These items can be reused the following year. Therefore we haven’t included them as part of the registration costs. We hope this then keeps costs down for families.

Squadi Registration

These are the steps below to register

  1. Open Squadi in the app or website
  2. If you do not have a Squadi profile, select Create User Profile and create a new profile. THIS MUST BE THE PARENT FOR PLAYERS UNDER 18 YEARS
  3. Log into a. Squadi APP and selct 'More' (bottom right) and 'Register Profile'
    OR b. Squadi WEBSITE and select the 'Action' button (top right) and 'Register'
  4. If new player (player is not in Squadi), select 'New Participant Registration' and register player. Otherwise select the player.
  5. Confirm/update Participant details for player, select 'Next'
  6. Select 'Find a competition', start typing 'your club name' into Organistation Name and select xxx
  7. Select the relevant competition, relevant Membership Details (usually outdoor player) and Registration Age Group (where required)
  8. Select 'Add Competition and Membership'
  9. Update Additional Personal Information and select 'Add Competition and Membership'
  10. If using a fair play voucher select 'Add Government Voucher' and enter the voucher detaiils
  11. Confirm/update your details
  12. Accept Terms and Conditions and select 'Continue'
  13. Select a payment option under Secure Payment Options, enter details requested and select 'Submit'
  14. A summary of the registration will appear, click the 'X' in the top left corner to finish.
  15. If registration was successful you will receive a confirmation email

North Star FC is moving club and team communications to the Stack Team App.

Find us on Stack Team App

Protect the Game - FQ Three Strike Policy

North Star has a no tolerance approach to player, coaching staff & match official abuse in any form.
This is not our culture & not the reputation our Club wants among our peers & football community
FQ introducted a "Three Strike" policy this year

Link below:

Please educate yourself & your children of the "Three Strike" policy

If any behaviour from a North Star player, parent or spectator results in our Club receiving a monetary fine then that player, parent or spectator will be responsible for payment of the penalty

Please be aware the penalty/fine is thousands of dollars!!!

Please also be aware that if spectator behaviour is deemed unacceptable by Club officials the spectator will be subject to internal disciplinary review & the Club may impose internal penalties including suspension from attending home games.

Official partners of North Star Football Club