Tax Deductible Donations

North Star FC have a few big goals in 2020. 

Most are on-field goals but one of our big ones is to improve our facilities and this is where you can help.

We have had big growth and success in recent years and want to continue this well in to the future. We want to ensure enduring financial security as a club so, in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, we have set up a 

Tax Deductible Club Development Fund.

To reach our $10,000 initial goal we are calling on our passionate supporters and playing families to contribute to our development fund. Funds will go straight back in to the North Star FC community, to actively contribute to projects such as:

·         improving playing surfaces,

·         upgrading lighting across all 5.3 hectares,

·         improving irrigation,

·         providing shading over our main field grandstand and more shaded areas in the outfields,

·        upgrading new junior goals,

·         employing more efficient waste management and energy options,

·         providing better equipment to members to improve them as athletes

We have completed some of these projects and are well on the way to finishing others.

If you make a donation by 30 June, you will be able to claim a deduction for it in your 2020 tax return and start to make a great difference to your playing experience.

Please show your support by making a tax deductible donation today.

Every donation helps, no matter how big or small.


For more information contact Club Vice President Simon Dann on 0478015332.

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