$150 FairPlay Vouchers

2022 Round 6 Now Open!

FairPlay Vouchers A Queensland Government Grant Initiative

FairPlay $150 vouchers assist children and young people who can least afford or may otherwise benefit from joining a sport or recreation club.   Eligible children and young people are provided with a voucher of up to $150 to help pay for club membership and participation fees.    The vouchers can be redeemed at North Star FC.


As our registration period occurs shortly after when these vouchers can be redeemed, families will still be required to make a deposit of $100.00 per player to meet registration deadlines.  Once your voucher is received you can use it to help pay off the balance of fees.

Voucher Applications open:                     19th January 2022

Voucher Applications close:                    23 March 2022 or when voucher allocation is exhausted

Vouchers must be presented by:             11 May 2022

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BYFA Clinic (Gordon Tulloch)
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